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People Streets; Living Streets; Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market

What happens to downtown streets when the Farmers Market leaves its winter location at City Hall for fresh air?   What happens to intersections on Farmers Market Saturday?   A transition, from street… Continue reading

Political Considerations that should be Part of Conditions for Approving a Transit Line

There has been too much tradition in building rapid transit lines as projects in themselves, without consideration for urban communities that will be services by this faster form of transportation.   The transit lines… Continue reading

Urban Local Streets; Supporting a People-Centred Approach;

from Local Streets to People Streets; in Support of Brownfields; the Opportunity for Greening; In a posting on an upcoming international conference in Stockholm on “Future of Places”, it is noted; “why cities… Continue reading

Time for Emotions: Thoughts of Separated Bike Lanes

the Thoughts of Separated Bike Lanes on a City Street Brings out the Emotions of Motorists and Cyclists   The Current Dialogue; Proposal for separated bike lanes (SBL) on 7th St. SW, Calgary… Continue reading

New Bus-Cycling Lanes on Centre Street, Calgary AB

Calgary has recently installed bus-cycling lanes on sections of Centre Street.  The northbound bus-bicycle lane starts at 42nd Ave NW to Thorncrest Road NW.  The southbound bus-bicycle lane runs from 54th Ave NW… Continue reading