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Friday, February the 14th was Winter Bike to Work Day

Cycling for transportation has progressed from sunny days, to rainy days, to fall days and now is penetrating into winter days, no matter the temperature or snow or ice on the road and… Continue reading

E-Bicycles on Transit Vehicles

It is all about increasing cycling traffic. For each obstacle or perceived obstacle that is removed from the thinking process of potential cyclists, the greater will be the penetration of the potential cycling… Continue reading

Winter Cycling

If you wish to expand the size of any image, then click on the image. Want to increase winter cycling in your city?  Then a winter cycling program must be actively undertaken.  Such… Continue reading

New Bus-Cycling Lanes on Centre Street, Calgary AB

Calgary has recently installed bus-cycling lanes on sections of Centre Street.  The northbound bus-bicycle lane starts at 42nd Ave NW to Thorncrest Road NW.  The southbound bus-bicycle lane runs from 54th Ave NW… Continue reading