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North American Advances in Cycling Infrastructure that Europe Could Benefit From

Recently, a European consultant asked a question that prompted some interesting thinking. Normally, we are focused on bringing European thinking for furthering cycling usage growth to this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, the… Continue reading

Transit Future Plans – Part 1 – Strategic Planning for Combined Mobility Trips with Transit and Cycling

  Transit future planning is not exclusively about bus routers and frequency of service.  Transit future is about planning Transit Corridors for significant transit ridership growth.   Many research projects, lectures, and articles… Continue reading

Cycling in Calgary – How Can it Become a World Class City without High Grade Cycling Infrastructure and Network??

Increasing cycling activity in a municipality is not the end goal. It was for a long time. Increasing cycling traffic is a strategy or tool available to be used for achieving a vision… Continue reading

Friday, February the 14th was Winter Bike to Work Day

Cycling for transportation has progressed from sunny days, to rainy days, to fall days and now is penetrating into winter days, no matter the temperature or snow or ice on the road and… Continue reading

Cycling Traffic Growth and Advocates

As cycling advocates we spend significant time for the purpose of realizing significant growth of cycling traffic in our cities, provinces, and country.  As advocates, significant growth will only come from focusing on… Continue reading

Calgary Cycle Track – Business Tries to Block Cyclists on Stephens Walk

From the Calgary Herald:   “a proposal to allow bikes on Stephen Avenue Walk is drawing criticism” from the Calgary Downtown Association. “Maggie Schofield, the executive director of the Calgary Downtown Association, supports… Continue reading

City of Calgary Downtown Cycle Track Network Plan, 2014

“2014-02-05:  Engaging both new and seasoned cyclists of all ages, as well as those who want to bike but may not feel comfortable, is what the city centre cycle track network is all… Continue reading

Snow Ploughing the Separated Bike Lanes, Calgary AB

A grey morning.  Snow falling and whipped around by the wind. Ahhh, winter has arrived.  Time to mount the studded tires on to the city bicycle. For the last years now, removal of… Continue reading

E-Bicycles on Transit Vehicles

It is all about increasing cycling traffic. For each obstacle or perceived obstacle that is removed from the thinking process of potential cyclists, the greater will be the penetration of the potential cycling… Continue reading

The Third Transportation Revolution and the Evolution of our Cities

Recently, Dr. Eric Miller from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Toronto spoke in Vancouver on the third revolution of transportation within cities.  If he had been teaching back when… Continue reading

Political Considerations that should be Part of Conditions for Approving a Transit Line

There has been too much tradition in building rapid transit lines as projects in themselves, without consideration for urban communities that will be services by this faster form of transportation.   The transit lines… Continue reading

Time for Emotions: Thoughts of Separated Bike Lanes

the Thoughts of Separated Bike Lanes on a City Street Brings out the Emotions of Motorists and Cyclists   The Current Dialogue; Proposal for separated bike lanes (SBL) on 7th St. SW, Calgary… Continue reading

Winter Cycling

If you wish to expand the size of any image, then click on the image. Want to increase winter cycling in your city?  Then a winter cycling program must be actively undertaken.  Such… Continue reading

Cycling and Combined Mobility – Part 1

Cycling Creates Demand for Transit and Bus Trips If you wish to expand the size of any image, then click on the image. Why should transit system operators regard cyclists as their friends… Continue reading

New Bus-Cycling Lanes on Centre Street, Calgary AB

Calgary has recently installed bus-cycling lanes on sections of Centre Street.  The northbound bus-bicycle lane starts at 42nd Ave NW to Thorncrest Road NW.  The southbound bus-bicycle lane runs from 54th Ave NW… Continue reading