Cycling in Calgary – How Can it Become a World Class City without High Grade Cycling Infrastructure and Network??

Increasing cycling activity in a municipality is not the end goal. It was for a long time. Increasing cycling traffic is a strategy or tool available to be used for achieving a vision or a higher-level strategy or a goal for a municipality. Growth of cycling is one of the tools available for becoming a vibrant, liveable, sustainable, and green city. The City of Calgary wants to become a world-class city. So says the mayor and others. Mercer’s “Quality of Living Reports – 2012 Edition” indicates that this city is extremely far from reaching that goal with an overall standing of 32. The city did not place in the infrastructure rating even though it has an abundance of expressways, arterial roads designed as expressways, and very wide streets. Maybe there lies the problem in being rated. Maybe there was too much focus on extremely wide and fast streets and not enough on other forms of transportation, especially cycling.

A current interview with the bicycle coordinator indicated a very slow approach by the city for changing the Calgary landscape to encourage growth in cycling for transportation.