CycloTouringBC blog

©Image by the British Columbia Cycling Coalition, 2013The British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is working on developing a tourism sector initiative for British Columbia for touring cycling.  The intent is to draw people to come to and experience British Columbia on their bicycle.  This initiative will focus on developing a program and web presence concentrating on the needs of both current and future cyclotourists.   Visit the blog.

The initiative will encompass identification of routes and corridors; cycling touring support programs; understanding what it takes to tour in BC; planning for touring; producing maps; selecting accommodations and interesting places to visit along the way; supportive infrastructure for touring; access to publications supporting touring; and an Internet social place for cyclotourists for seeking information, asking for advice, leaving comments, and dialoguing cyclotouring experiences.   

Through the program the BCCC will encourage provincial and municipal governments, as well as, local tourism associations, businesses, that benefit from cycling, and local cycling groups to become part of the initiative.